Beautiful Green Set

Jenna Prynn

Techniques used to make the quilted garments

Calico & Old Lace produces individually crafted quilted jackets and vests made for men and women.  Each jacket and/or vest is created from a muslin form sized accordingly and quilted with silk threads on quality fabrics—cotton, satin, or marbled silk.

From the muslin form, the garment is cut from the cotton or satin fabric and Thermore* batting before the quilting begins. With the front, back, and sleeve panels, each is quilted in free motion style (feed dogs down) on the sewing machine creating a trapunto effect on the face of the garment.  The designs are drawn onto the fabric with a disappearing ink and quilted before the picture evaporates.  I get the basic picture drawn and quilted before the outlining is done around the pictures giving me room to adjust the quilting evenly on each panel.  After the pictures are quilted, I free motion quilt the lines behind the picture to quilt a background rendering the trapunto effect.

Jenna making jacketSeminole patchwork is cut and strip pieced using the cotton calico and solid colors to accent the trapunto garment described above.  In the case of Seminole patchwork, the strips are pieced together to form a band which can either contrast the garment or blend into it as a textured effect.  The bands are applied to the front, back, and sleeve panels and then quilted with silk threads before the jacket or vest is constructed.  Again, these patchwork bands can be a subtle quilted texture on the garment or it can be as jazzy as can be.  There are endless color combinations to choose from in making the Seminole patchwork.

The jacket/vest is constructed and fine tailored once the quilting has been completed.  I hand finish the garments with raku fired buttons to match and occasionally apply embellishments such as machine embroidery and lace for added detail to these individually crafted one of a kind garments.  I create these jackets and vests from visions I get and ideas that arise from the serenity of the mountain.  I make them to fit comfortably and worn practically in any occasion that calls for fine wearables.

Simple skirts are sewn to match a particular garment creating wonderful outfits to wear.  The skirts are a-line gored skirts or broomstick skirts with tiered layers and inner linings to match.  These skirts can be solid or calico depending on the individual’s personal taste in style. All the garments are made by myself and are guaranteed to fit and wear nicely for many years.  Thanks for considering a fine crafted garment such as these from Calico & Old Lace.  Remember:  “An old coat never dies…”