CALICO & OLD LACE traditionally has made individually crafted wearable art for men and women.  Quilted vests, jackets, and coats have donned many customers over the years offering comfort and style that never grows old.

Garments are made from a muslin form tailored to fit each customer.  Quilted designs are unique and created for each garment.  Customers are encouraged to inquire about their own design ideas for wearable art.

CALICO & OLD LACE offers other quilted items as well, promoting my passion for quilting and preserving the tradition of quilted heirlooms.  In addition to the quilted garments, we make:

  • Quilted blankets for any age or gender
  • Quilted table and bed runners
  • Quilted placemats and other kitchen/table  gift items
  • Quilted handbags and purses
  • Quilted wall hangings for seasonal decor or for home/office to brighten any room
  • Seminole Patchwork skirts and shirts

We also make Quilted Wedding Attire,  unique for today's "non-traditional" ceremonies.

CALICO & OLD LACE believes strongly in preserving the past by RECYCLING and UPCYCLING old clothing into new quilted items that are more functional in today's society. Old clothes can be recycled into new garments or quilted items,  preserving memories and outdated fabrics.

SEMINOLE PATCHWORK and FREE MOTION MACHINE QUILTING lend themselves to endless color and texture on the quilted items for a unique combination of piecework and design. Embellishments adorn the quilts for added bling.