Durable and timeless pieces of quilted art

Quilted items can be upcycled from existing garments creating new pieces of timeless art.

Machine quilting, Seminole patchwork, applique, and traditional piecing are used to create individual pieces of art.

Garments are tailor made for optimal fitting and are designed to be practical and functional.  Nostalgic representations of heirloom clothing, yet durable, washable, and very modern.

Quilted things include placemats and table runners, bed runners and home décor. Wall hangings for home or office to brighten any wall.  Small quilts for baby, child or adult.  Quilted gifts for any occasion.  Purses, handbags, laptop covers and more….

I create these quilted things from the inspirations that come upon me from the natural world around me.  Color and texture intrigue me with the endless combinations that occur in nature and fabricated into the quilted industry.  Trends escape me and timeless, intrinsic beauty runs deep within my creative soul.

CALICO & OLD LACE welcomes any custom order.  Just inquire and we can work out a quilted piece for you.  Original and Handmade!