Handmade Quilted Wall Hangings for Sale

Are you looking for a unique work of art to hang on a wall in your home? Allow Calico & Old Lace’s handmade quilted wall hangings for sale to serve as the focal point in any room. Whether you’re looking for a very traditional pattern or a more contemporary design, Calico & Old Lace has options for those searching for something that will look great in any setting.

Many of the handmade quilted wall hangings for sale through Calico & Old Lace are created using reverse appliqué or are hand-dyed and quilted using the free motion method. Additionally, Calico & Old Lace uses a technique called thread sketching, which incorporates contrasting threads into each of our wall hanging designs for more eye-catching colors that pop. It’s a big part of why our handmade quilted wall hangings often steal the show and set the tone for an entire room.

From garments and table runners to bed quilts and baby quilts, every product produced by Calico & Old Lace is made to look and feel a work of art. We consider our handmade quilted wall hangings to be true works of art, however, and know you’ll feel the same once you welcome one into your home. Our wall hangings are constructed to last for many years and will add a touch of color and uniqueness to any space.

Ready to purchase? Contact Calico & Old Lace at 540-392-1302 to explore which of our handmade quilted wall hangings for sale might be right for you.

Handmade red dragon quilt
Red dragon quilt closeup
handmade beach scene quilt
closeup of beach scene quilt